Why do long articles beat the short ones every time?

Nobody wants to read long articles online, do they? People aren’t able to concentrate for long periods of time, or they don’t have time for reading. WRONG! Columnist John Lincoln wrote an excellent (long) article about this subject, where he explains why and how long content ranks better on search engines, and why it converts better. This article is a synthesis of John’s point of view and the article’s writer’s opinions.

Everything you need to know about AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages

There have been rumours about AMP on the Internet for nearly six months, yet so far there has not been that much conversation about what is actually going on. So we decided it was time to get the conversation started and created a piece get things going. In this article we look at what AMP is all about, how it is related to a web page’s search engine optimisation and how you should get AMP installed to your web site.

What is the best time to send a newsletter?

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are the most commonly recommended sending days for newsletters. But what happens if everyone sends their newsletter at the best time on the best day? Yes, it reduces the attention value. One should approach the matter more analytically, and take several factors into account: competition, target country, B2B/B2C, specific target group, product and your data.

The intolerable lightness of entrepreneurship: Omni’s first year

Omni Partners was born as a result of the frustration towards the digital marketing culture, where both clients and offices measure results based on hours instead of profit. We were also concerned over the state of Finnish e-commerce and the fact that Finnish consumers mostly make purchases from foreign instances. We wanted, from our part, to be involved in funneling the flow of euros towards the domestic markets. How did our first year go?

Google now defaults to HTTPS (not to panic)

Google announced in December 2015 that it would increasingly start to default secure HTTPS websites. The change will be most evident in situations with both HTTP and HTTPS versions of websites available; the search engine will then favour the S-version, even if it is not linked to from another site. This article will tell you all you need to know about Google’s decision!

20 most popular fashion brands on Instagram

Today, many top fashion brands are investing in social media visibility, which includes Instagram. A brand’s popularity on Instagram correlates strongly with the size of the company, which surely does not come as a surprise to anyone. A study by M by Macy’s, utilizing Instagram as its data source, was used as the basis of this article.

What is the customer experience like in an omnichannel environment?

Omnichannel business is a globally increasing trend, and many retailers are opting for it. What does being omnichannel in the field of retail really mean? And what is it from the customer’s perspective? In this article, we will guide the reader towards understanding the circumstances of an omnichannel operating environment, and how the customer makes purchase decisions in it.

What does strategic advertising with AdWords entail?

The nature of keyword advertising has evolved drastically within the last years. The notion of search engine advertising as a strategic form of marketing in support of business operations has become more widespread. It has also been increasingly acknowledged that it takes more than the customer’s website address and billing information to build up a […]

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