Working at Omni

A typical employee at Omni is an experienced e-commerce or digital marketing professional, who lives and breathes digital business. If you recognized yourself from the description, send us an open application – we’re always interested in getting to know possible future colleagues! To students, we offer internships.

Why should a digital whiz be interested in working at Omni? Here are three reasons:

1. Omni gives wings to its employees.

Employees are encouraged to spend time developing their skills. The goal is that everyone has broad know-how from their own field as well as other fields. Every staff member gets to have their say and all the responsibility that they want. At Omni, employees also have the freedom to do all the things that are not allowed in other companies. Ideas are never dismissed right off, even though some can sound kinda crazy at first.

2. You’ll have The Best Colleagues in Finland.

Omni’s employees are unbelievably skillful and committed. Different personalities and competencies complete each other beautifully, and the team plays together perfectly. The staff shares a passion for online culture and distasteful humour.

3. You’ll have a meaningful job.

Working at Omni offers a vantage point into Finnish e-commerce and its development. E-commerce is an industry of the future, having more and more importance also for Finland’s economy. Omni’s employees get to do work that truly helps Finnish online retailers succeed.

Interested? Don’t be afraid to contact us!